Build the future now –
with a bioenergy facade

cellparc offers a new facade and energy concept for a considered and sustainable use of natural resources

Sunlight used more efficiently

The bioenergy facade leverages sunlight to produce both heat and the biogenic resource microalgae. Competitive to established solar systems such as solar heat and photovoltaics, it boasts an efficiency rating of 38 + 8% – while additionally offering protection from sun and noise. This, in addition to a unique design which stands out from afar – make it an attractive, yet practical solution.

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Living facades as a unique element of design

Its vibrant green color varying as the light wanders over it, the bioenergy facade catches the eye from afar, while rising gas bubbles impart to it a life of its own. In addition, the glass panels in their slender frames enhance the buildings`s visibility and ensure that the highly aesthetic design is not compromised.

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A bioenergy facade – Design with added value

The bioenergy facade delivers all the functionality of an ordinary facade and is thus not an additional investment. This facade however pioneers by providing additional value through the production of heat and the biogenic resource microalgae. Energy costs are significantly reduced, operational and maintenance costs fully recoverable through the biogenic resource. As an innovative technology the investment may be co-funded through national or regional programs.

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Innovative technology, applied successfully

cellparc offers a unique model of operation which ensures the functioning and economic viability of the solution. This requires an additional agreement to be signed, outlining the specific services.

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Are you planning a project and would like to learn more?

Assess the viability of a bioenergy facade for your project in 3 simple steps.

What type of project is it?

Is decentralized water recycling part of your plan?

What is the surface area of your project’s facade?


0 foot² 30,000 foot²

What is your project’s estimated demand for heat?


0 MWh/a 1,000 MWh/a

Calculated output

(Site: Karlsruhe, Germany; southern exposure)
Heat production (MWh/a): HEAT_PRODUCTION
Coverage of heat demand (%): COVERAGE_OF_HEAT_DEMAND
CO2 savings (t/a): CO2_SAVINGS
Production of microalgae (cwt/a): PRODUCTION_OF_MICROALGAE

Production of biogas (m³/a): PRODUCTION_OF_BIOGAS
Recycling of X m³/a of waste water equivalent to the water consumption of Y number of persons.


Preliminary analysis of the frame conditions indicate that your project is viable for a bioenergy facade.

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Preliminary analysis of the frame conditions indicate that the facade area may be too small for a bioenergy façade to be economically self-sustaining as part of the operational model. The rich functionality of this facade and the value it provides however still make it an attractive solution to consider.

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