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cellparc’s expert services have you fully covered for each phase of your project, including planning, construction and operation – all directed to optimally integrate the bioenergy facade into the building’s architecture and utilities to obtain maximal economic returns.

cellparc supports real estate project developers and architects during the different phases of RIBA planning to ensure a smooth integration of the bioenergy facade in planning. As your trusted expert, you can rely on cellparc to provide innovative solutions, as well as tested and patented technology.

Energy concept – Services offered during planning and construction

Any building project starts with the development of an energy concept to ensure reliable supply of heat and hot water to satisfy the demand. cellparc can help by providing a process flowsheet (P&ID), complete with the technology’s workflow, integration interfaces with other building technologies, as well as specifications for implementation. Working in close cooperation with the architects and engineers on the project, we strive for the highest quality of support to ensure a successful integration.

System control – Integration services

For system automation purposes, cellparc offers a control logic, compatible for use with a programmable logic controller (Rockwell/Siemens PLC was custom developed and tested for the electrical, measuring, steering and regulating components of a bioenergy facade). This ensures the safe, reliable and optimized performance of the facade.

We are proud to offer support for architects and engineers throughout the construction phases, as well as during the initial instalment and go live of the device.

An operational plan to fit your needs– technology, operation and maintenance from a single source

If desired, cellparc can take on full ownership of the device’s operation and maintenance. This requires an additional agreement to be signed, outlining the specific services.

Since the operation of the system (maintenance, servicing, operation) is largely the same as that of a heat supply system, it can easily be carried out by your facility management. Cellparc then takes over the process management, which is largely carried out via remote access, as well as the marketing of the biomass.

Your benefits

  1. Significant reduction of energy and maintenance cos
  2. The device’s functionality and optimal performance is guaranteed
  3. Operation, maintenance and repair is all covered for you. No hassle, no additional cost.

Are you planning a project and would like to learn more?

Assess the viability of a bioenergy facade for your project in 3 simple steps.

What type of project is it?

Is decentralized water recycling part of your plan?

What is the surface area of your project’s facade?


0 foot² 30,000 foot²

What is your project’s estimated demand for heat?


0 MWh/a 1,000 MWh/a

Calculated output

(Site: Karlsruhe, Germany; southern exposure)
Heat production (MWh/a): HEAT_PRODUCTION
Coverage of heat demand (%): COVERAGE_OF_HEAT_DEMAND
CO2 savings (t/a): CO2_SAVINGS
Production of microalgae (cwt/a): PRODUCTION_OF_MICROALGAE

Production of biogas (m³/a): PRODUCTION_OF_BIOGAS
Recycling of X m³/a of waste water equivalent to the water consumption of Y number of persons.


Preliminary analysis of the frame conditions indicate that your project is viable for a bioenergy facade.

Want to learn more? Please contact us.


Preliminary analysis of the frame conditions indicate that the facade area may be too small for a bioenergy façade to be economically self-sustaining as part of the operational model. The rich functionality of this facade and the value it provides however still make it an attractive solution to consider.

To learn more, please contact us.

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